If you and your team would like to know more about British stone, please register with us for a CPD session.  Bookings are now being taken.
Expect to be enlightened about the benefits of using British stone versus imported stones; what to look out for when specifying stone; finishing techniques that make all the difference and see and feel examples of what can be achieved from our home grown stone.

CPD Attendee Feedback: "I have a greater understanding of British stone, including the benefits / value in comparison to foreign stones. I also now better understand the range of British stones available and the different finishing techniques. It was particularly useful to have such a good selection of physical samples - it was much easier to appreciate the different properties by looking at and touching actual examples."  

If you have a specific interest area, please discuss it with us and we will tailor the session accordingly for you. 

More Testimonials

Really good speaker. Massively informed and able to provide helpful specific information on the subject. It could have been a 'dry' subject but talk interspersed with humorous observations gave a good balance. Donald Insall Architects

Presenter was clear and precise in his presentation. To us, Artorius Faber are a well-kept trade secret and one we are delighted to work with. Sims Hilditch

The presenter was great - so much knowledge, MMM Architects

Great presentation, engaged everyone, very helpful. Thank you. Smallwood Architects

One of the best CPD's we've had. Very informative and interesting! Forme UK

Very good presentation that held my attention throughout. Latitude Architects and Designers Ltd


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