Commercial Office, Mayfair

This Grade II listed Georgian terraced townhouse in the heart of London's Mayfair had multiple tenants and uses over the years. This resulted in many of its original features being destroyed or covered up, with the exception of the cantilevered Portland stone staircase at the heart of the building which remained intact. 


The new owner wanted to address the previous insensitive treatment of the property and restore the five storey building to its former glory to befit the profile of the prestigious global hedge fund management business it now housed. 


We were commissioned to create flooring as close as possible to the original floor, keeping to course widths of 750mm and with lengths up to 1400mm.  Around 2m² of original floor remained to use as a guide and from this we matched it by using a specialist finishing technique, unique to Artorius Faber, applied to Portland English Limestone.


Architect: Farrells