Sourcing the right stone for every project we undertake is key.  Whilst our first love is British indigenous stone we also work with quarries farther afield and have an in depth knowledge of stones and their respective qualities.  The team regularly scours the UK and Europe to ensure we have the very best stone to offer our clients.

Closer to home we are fortunate to have our own quarry just a few miles from Swanage, Dorset.  From here we extract Purbeck Stone, an exceptionally hard limestone with many tones from blue to pale beige.  It is one of our most popular and versatile indigenous stones which can be used for both internal and external areas. 

Artorius Faber's Purbeck Stone Quarry in Dorset

Our Purbeck Stone Quarry in Dorset

Purbeck Stone Block

Purbeck Stone Block