Artorius Faber is one of the UK's leading manufacturers of stone surfaces. Processing from UK quarry block through to finished product, means that Artorius Faber has the most comprehensive and diverse portfolio of Great British Stone available today. Artorius Faber works with Architects, Designers, Private Clients and construction professionals from conception to completion, offering a supply only and a supply and installation service.

Artorius Faber provides an unrivalled breadth of expertise and technical support for public, commercial and residential projects. Whether new construction or renovation, Artorius Faber is focused on creating solutions for internal stone flooring, exterior natural stone paving, stone wall coverings and natural stone cladding, that measurably advance real estate value, provide ultimate client satisfaction and enhance quality of life.

Artorius Faber is on a mission to increase awareness and understanding of what is possible with stone and is focused on reviving and promoting the use of Great British Stone as viable and attractive flooring and paving material.

Use this site to locate a local stone, not only do we have knowledge of almost every individual UK Stone Quarry, but a detailed understanding of the quarry beds, layers and strata’s within in them. Here you will find some well known greats; Portland Limestone, Bath Limestone, Cotswold stone, Yorkstone and Pennant Stone, also some lesser known greats; Ancaster, Blue Lias and Purbeck Rag.

This extensive range of flooring and paving is further complemented by a wide range of handcrafted and machine applied surface finishes. The finishes range from the traditional antiqued and distressed flagstone look to the clean crisp lines of a contemporary style.

For generations, centuries even thousands of years stone has paved the way. Great Britain is full of the remains of our ancestor’s creativity with stone.

Relics of the Stone Age, remains of Bronze Age settlements, burial chambers and henges are scattered across the landscape. Today sections of ancient Roman road are still walked on. Impressive defensive castles built by the Normans have far outlived their puny attackers, all these stand as enduring monuments to the timeless nature of stone.

A well chosen stone floor never wears out, in fact it wears in. With each moment of time comes further character, from a toddlers first hesitant wobbles to great grandpas gradual shuffle, the tiny feet of the midnight mouse to the rough paws of the family dog every footstep bringing greater patina.

Browse at your leisure and increase your appreciation of the wonders of this superior flooring material.